US Army Veteran
 Retired Police Officer
 Illinois Licensed Private Detective
      IL # 115.002476
 National Association of Investigative
 US Association of Professional Investigators;
 National Association of Professional Process 
        Serving paper for 20+ years
This Ain't Sam Spade and Mike Hammer!
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I have been providing private investigation services in the local area for 17 years, there are few situations I have seen before and there isn't a problem I can't get to the bottom of!
If you are worried about your spouse or commercial dealings I can help you achieve the peace of mind that you need. My investigations are discreet and tailored to the case and circumstances.
It's not a cartoon show, either, and I understand that the problems you come to me with are real, and serious. No one seeks the services of a Private Detective for trivial matters.

I reject the shadowy, cigarette-dangling, brim- over-the-eyes imagery, however. I think it creates a TV, dime-store-novel aspect that does not promote respect and confidence.

But a tongue-in-cheek attitude doesn't hurt, and helps maintain perspective. We can take matters seriously, and be professional, while retaining a sense of humor.

Ante omnia honestas

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur